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Do you just LOVE sweet fragrances? 

We have put together a box of 10 of the best sweet melts! All with different lolly fragrances! Your box will include:

100s & 1000s


Cola Bottles

Cotton Candy

Grape Bubblegum

Musk Sticks

Red Frogs

Red Skins

Sour Patch Lollies

Watermelon Lollipop

As tempting as it is, these are NOT edible! Each clamshell is 6 cubes made with high quality soy wax.

Place 2 or more cubes into a melt warmer for a great throw of fragrance.

Soy melts should never come into contact with flames. They contain a higher amount of oil than candles and therefore may combust if flame comes into contact. If you use your melts correctly in a warmer, this will not happen.