Premium Wafflebombs 130g-160g

Premium Wafflebombs 130g-160g

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These bombs are smaller than our other waffle bath bombs, but boy do they pack a punch! Also, most of these contain cocoa butter too for the added benefit of moisturising your body while you relax. 

These bombs are handmade! They will fizz, foam, smell great and make your bathwater coloured! The colour of these bombs vary, the colour will match the fragrance. A must try!

Ingredients: Bicarbonate soda, citric acid, buttermilk, magnesium sulfate, avocado oil, polysorbate 80, colour, fragrance, may contain cosmetic glitter and cocoa butter. 100s and 1000s fragrance also contains real 100s & 1000s. 

Ensure you start with a clean bath. Bath products I sell WILL NOT stain your bath, but may colour soap scum if your bath is not clean to begin with. Bath may become slippery after using this product. Expecting mothers should consult their health professional before using these products. 

If a ring is left around your bath prior to use, wash off with hot soapy water.